Create Powerful Future Experience to Inspire Teams and Guide your Designs

Design Talk
Design Talk
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Date and time
Aug 18, 2022 6:00 PM
Raw HQ Level 2/28-30 Queen St, Chippendale NSW 2008
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After our packed event last month, we were eager to start again for this month of August.


  • Total of 80 spots (Can't fit more sorry)
  • We are a non-profit so we ask people kindly to contribute and help support the meetup group. 🙏
  • The fees also help avoid people taking spots and not coming 🤗
  • Food and drinks will be provided 🍱
  • Bring your ticket or email confirmation as we won't accept anyone without tickets.


🎤 Speaker:

Sarah Heimeier - Lead Service Designer at Prospa
Sarah Heimeier enjoys the interplay of strategy, research, and service design. She's continually evolving her design process and the methods she uses. She is a Lead Service Designer at Prospa, working on designing and delivering the company's vision.

She has an Honours in Industrial Design and has completed the altMBA. With a love of learning, she's always looking for new things to pursue, such as improv, stand-up, drawing, and much more. Her goal is to fill her days with puppies, family, and plenty of laughs.

🚀 Topic:

"Designing your Vision"
How to create a powerful future experience to inspire teams and guide your designs

Talk description
Every design project and company needs a North Star - a clear vision for where it's headed. This talk outlines the key considerations and tools you need to create a killer vision, and how to get your teams excited to come on the journey.


Join us for learning, networking, or hanging out with amazing designers!
As usual, we will have a Meet&Greet session for people looking for jobs and companies looking to hire to connect. Upon arrival at our meetup, we’re going to be handing out stickers to everyone.
These will be used to identify:

  • Looking for a Job
  • Looking to Hire
  • Here to party (meet a few people, learn a few things)

See you soon!



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