Legal Design & Managing Self-Design Expectation

Design Talk
Design Talk
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Mar 16, 2023 6:00 PM
Raw HQ Level 2/28-30 Queen St, Chippendale NSW 2008
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💬 Legal Design and Managing Self-Design Expectation


6:00 pm: Entry
6:20 pm: Intro: Phillippe 10mins
6:30 pm: Talk #1 by Vida
6:50 pm: Q&A time
7:00pm: Talk #2 by Emily
7:20 pm: Q&A time 20 mins
7:30pm: Networking time
8:30pm - 9pm: End of meetup


➡️ How we run it:

  • Total of 80 spots (Can't fit more sorry)
  • We are a non-profit so we ask people kindly to contribute and help support the meetup group. 🙏
  • The fees also help avoid people taking spots and not coming 🤗
  • Food and drinks will be provided 🍱
  • Bring your ticket or email confirmation as we won't accept anyone without tickets.

We have 2 excellent speakers for this special night!

Talk #1: Vida Asrani

Topic: A designer self care reminder: Relationship over what we'll ship
Have you experienced that you're hitting the wall? that your stakeholders are not onboard with you? you can't do a certain kind of design activities? ah! trying to get that user research on the line is a massive battle to get approval! We're all experienced that right? But we might forget that we will never be able to ship anything if we don't have our crew! Whatever ideal design outcomes we're planning won't happen if we can't get others onboard with us! So, I'll talk about this and a tolls that might help us to manage our own design impacts to keep us away from frustration and to remain ourselves that the adoption equally as important as the outputs

Talk #2: Emily MacLoud

Topic: Designing access to the law
I'll be introducing the concept of legal design and exploring how it can be used to make lasting, impactful change.

Join us for learning, networking, or hanging out with amazing designers!As usual, we will have a Meet&Greet session for people looking for jobs and companies looking to hire to connect. Upon arrival at our meetup, we’re going to be handing out stickers to everyone.These will be used to identify:

  • Looking for a Job
  • Looking to Hire
  • Here to party (meet a few people, learn a few things)

Looking forward to seeing you all! Philippe from RAW



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