Your unique background is your superpower + Design Mingle

Design Talk
Design Talk
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Date and time
Jun 1, 2021 6:00 PM
Raw HQ Level 2/28-30 Queen St, Chippendale NSW 2008
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We're back for another event! Due to COVID and our small venue, we will only have a limited amount of seats (50) (small fee to make sure people attend).


😷 COVID Restrictions:

  • Limited to 50 people and no more! (Sorry..)
  • Small fees for tickets to make sure people attend (This will also help pay for food and running cost)
  • Food and drinks will be provided
  • You'll be asked to scan QR code and check your temperature at the entrance
  • Bring your ticket or email confirmation as we won't accept anyone without tickets.
  • Any event of lockdown, we will cancel the event and refund everyone.


🎤 Speaker:

Jacalin Ding / Head of Design & Product @ Hotelr / UXD Instructor @ GA / Founder @ The Rushing Hour / Mentor at ADPList

🚀 Topic:

Your unique background is your superpower!
Let me shine a light on your superpower 🦹🏻‍♀️ 🚀

Many of us tend to downplay our unique experiences and background when putting ourselves forward for new roles.

Have you been saying any of these things to yourself? I got some good news.

💬 "English isn't my first language" - That's your superpower ⚡️

💬 "I didn't come from a design background" - That's your superpower⚡️

💬 "I am a jack-of-all-trades" - That's your superpower.⚡️

💬 "I've been a nurse and I never had to use a computer for work until now." - That's your superpower⚡️

These voices shouldn't be your roadblocks, In fact, they are your wildcards!!

🌟 BONUS: We’ve got a small surprise for those joining us on the day; show up early to find out what it is!

Join us on learning, networking, or hang out with amazing designers!
As usual, we will have a Meet&Greet session for people looking for jobs and companies looking to hire to connect. Upon arrival of our meetup, we’re going to be handing out stickers to everyone.

These will be used to identify:

  • Looking for a Job
  • Looking to Hire
  • Here to party (meet a few people, learn a few things)



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